We build quality sheds on the spot.


 Do you want  your shed built in place with the look that you want?  Our sheds are built solid with a large number of options. 

Our sheds are Customizable. You can change things like window and door locations, color, ramps and benches.  We build with LP smart panels that last a lifetime!  Take a look at some of the pictures!

-Every shed is built on the spot .  Maybe your backyard only has space for a person to walk there?  Maybe it’s in a tight location? We carry the materials in, and build it in place, so no Problem! Our sheds can easily be built where other drop in sheds cannot even be placed.

Pressure treated under framing – The under the floor framing of all of our sheds are pressure treated lumber for longevity and strength. 

Excellent Value – We are an actual family run business, and we pack our sheds with solid features.   Do you need a shed in Fredericton NB, Saint John NB (or surrounding areas), then I know you’ll be happy with one of ours.

8x12 custom color with flower boxes

We can build your shed in (greater) Fredericton or Saint John NB with lot’s of options!

 We build all of our shed sizes on the spot.  We don’t charge extra for building onsite, it’s how we build all of them.  Normally In order for a typical shed to be put in place, you will need to have a path to where a large truck can deposit it, or a crane will lift it in place.  The advantage of our system is we can perfectly level your shed on the spot, even in locations where the ground is not normally suitable for a drop in place shed.  You get to see the shed as it’s being built, and we consult you on where you want the doors and windows as we’re building. If you have your shed built onsite by us, we can place the shed anywhere you can hand carry materials, which can save a lot of headache.  Give me a call, or fill out our form under the contact page if you have more questions.

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We build our sheds to last a lifetime.  Get a shed you won’t have to worry about.  For a quality shed in Fredericton NB or Saint John NB, we’re a perfect choice.  Use our building experience to get a shed built for our unique Atlantic environment.   You can schedule by phone, email, or contact form.  I look forward to building a shed for you.

Mike Pic